#WCW – Amandla Stenberg

Over the last few months, the internets have been abuzz, talking about a fiesty little actress who rose from near-obscurity after facing severe racist backlash for her role in the original Hunger Games movie to become one of today’s freshest Hollywood faces.  Floating within circles among the likes of Jaden and WIllow Smith, this young lady is quickly becoming Young Black Hollywood’s new “It” girl.  And although she is absolutely beautiful and talented, it isn’t her pretty smile that has captured the hearts of the masses – instead, it is her unrelenting critique of institutional racism and the prevalence of cultural appropriation within Hollywood (and our society in general).

This young lady is none other than the talented and fierce and flawless Amandla Stenberg.


The girl who played the iconic role of Rue in 2012 film adaptation of the bestselling novel The Hunger Games has shown us that she is more than just a pretty face as she grows into her own.   She is an outspoken and endearing advocate for Black women and the Black community and she gives us life with every edge she snatches along the way.

Earlier this year, a video she shared on Tumblr titled “Don’t Cash Crop my Corn Rows” (below) went viral, earning her mainstream attention on major media outlets like Huffington Post and MSNBC.com.  Since then, Amandla has been consistently speaking on the issues of cultural appropriation, all while slaying us with her style and class in typical #carefreeblackgirl fashion.

Over this last weekend she once again delivered the good by calling out Kylie Jenner on being a habitual offender of the cultural appropriation phenomenon as she showed off some (poorly done) cornrows during the #whitegirlsdoitbetter trend.


While Kylie chose to respond like the catty 17 year old that she is, Amandla left it alone after making her  point clear, and has instead only issued additional messages about the obsession that mainstream beauty has with Black girl features and aesthetics, but not with Black girls themselves.


Amandla, for your fierceness, quick wit, and refusal to stop talking about something that is such an important issue, we recognize you as our #womancrushwednesday today.

Keep doing you, Sis – we can’t wait to watch you take over the world!


PS – link to Amandla’s awesome video “Don’t Cash Crop my Corn Rows” below – enjoy!

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