Hello, Lovely!


Hello Lovely!

This is the first post that I’ve written in a long time, but it feels really good to be back behind my pen.

Last year at this time, The SpeakLove Project was just an idea in my head.  I was becoming disenchanted with the world, especially with my social justice efforts, from all angles.  As someone who is Black, Queer, and Woman, I felt particularly excluded from all of the “major” circles in the New Civil Rights movement.  In feminist spaces, Black women were being pushed to the back.  In Queer spaces, Black people (especially Black women) were being pushed to the back.  In Black spaces, Black women were being pushed to the back.  No matter where I looked, I could find no safe spaces for my sisters.

So, I decided to create one.

The other founding member of The SpeakLove Project is a Black woman who feels equally passionate about supporting and promoting the overall well-being of Black women.  Together she and I outlined what we wanted this space to look like and set about creating it.  In March 2015, we began The SpeakLove Project community on Facebook, and by the time our website went live in June, we had a thriving community with over 200 Black women fellowshipping together and sharing life experiences.  Since then, we’ve experienced some highs and lows, and even been slowed down a few times.  Still, I am proud to say that we’ve never stopped working toward our goal of providing a space of love and empowerment specifically for Black women.

As I look ahead through 2016 and beyond, I cannot help but be amazed by the potential that I see before me.  SpeakLove has gone through some changes, especially in the last quarter of 2015.  Although they were not all easy, I can say with confidence that this is still, at its core, an organization committed to the continued growth and empowerment of Black women in their work and lives.

Tashara has chosen to leave the SpeakLove team to pursue other endeavors, and I am so excited to see where she lands on her own journey.  As for SpeakLove, we have many great things planned in the upcoming year.  Some of the changes you can expect to see as this organization shifts from an informational focus to a service focus are:

  • MORE interactive activities, including classes, challenges, and one on one coaching sessions
  • WEEKLY #SelfLoveSunday Periscope sessions
  • A line of workbooks and other tools to assist you in figuring out how to incorporate self-care and personal growth/development techniques into your everyday life
  • OPPORTUNITIES for you to realize some of your own dreams through publishing or speaking engagements

And so much more!

From a personal standpoint, I’d like to thank each and every one of you who made The SpeakLove Project’s first year a resounding success, especially Tashara.  I appreciate you having faith in in my dream and working with me to make it a reality.

I believe in you all, and it means so much to me to know that you believe in me, too.

Looking forward to seeing where 2016 takes us!

With love and light,


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