On Forgiveness- Part Two of Two:


Last week, we worked on forgiving ourselves – today, I encourage you to make it a point to forgive someone else.  So many times in life we hold onto hurt that is unnecessary and harms us in ways we’ve never imagined.  We find ourselves reaching back and reliving pain over and over again – giving ourselves fresh cuts in wounds that we should have let heal long ago.


Why are we still doing this to ourselves?


Today, I want you to think about someone who has hurt you deeply.  Allow yourself to feel the pain that that person caused you one last time, and then use it.  Write them a letter outlining all of the ways that they’ve hurt you, every single thing – pour your heart out and leave it all on the page.


Then, seal it up and get rid of it.


If you want to send the letter, fine. If you want to rip it up or burn it, that’s fine too.


But whatever you do – Let it go.


And as you divest yourself of that physical representation of hurt, let go of the mental/emotional ties you have to it as well.  We have to get to the place where we understand that reliving painful situations over and over again in our minds harms no one but ourselves.  While you’re carrying the mantle of this pain every day, that person is likely living in a space where he or she has let it go and moved on.  Even worse – it may have never occurred to them that they hurt you in the first place.

large (1)


Stop waiting on an apology that may never come. Maybe they’re afraid to – maybe they don’t think you’d offer them grace and forgiveness.  Maybe they just don’t care.  It doesn’t matter if they’ve never apologized – doesn’t even matter if they aren’t sorry. Forgive them anyway.


You aren’t doing it for them – you’re doing it for yourself.


And as you let go, let yourself enjoy the feeling of that terrible weight being lifted from your shoulders.  Relish in the lightness that accompanies laying burdens down and walking in your own truth. Free yourself, sis – you deserve this.


Wishing you all the love and light in the world –


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