Contributor FAQ

The SpeakLove Project – Contributor Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in contributing to The SpeakLove Project!  Below are some general guidelines and answers to frequently asked questions about becoming a contributor.  If you have any additional questions that were not addressed here, please feel free to submit them to, and we will answer them within three business days!

How does becoming a “regular contributor” work?

As a regular contributor, we ask that you first complete a six week trial period. During those six weeks, you will submit no less than three original pieces of content to be used on the SpeakLove website. At the end of your six week trial period, you will be considered for a position as a permanent contributor for our website.

What kinds of pieces can I submit to The SpeakLove Project?

You can submit content on any number of categories! We accept videos and written pieces, on a variety of topics including (but not limited to) sex and relationships, career and entrepreneurship, self-care, holistic health, travel, fashion, politics, and more! Essentially any topic that is relevant to women is worth considering for our site.

Can I contribute previously posted content to The SpeakLove Project?

During your trial period, we ask that you contribute only new and original content to SpeakLove. After you have completed the trial period and decided to come on as a permanent contributor, you are allowed to submit content that has been posted elsewhere (such as on your personal blog), provided that the content is original to you and is still timely and relevant.

Do I get credit for my work published on The SpeakLove Project?

Of course! As a contributor, you retain ownership of your original content. We reserve the right to utilize pieces submitted to us as deemed necessary once published to our page, however all of your work will remain the intellectual property of the creator, and you will always receive credit for your pieces.

Am I allowed to publicize my own blog/business/projects on The SpeakLove Project?

As a contributor, we ask that you submit content that is timely and relevant to our target market. That said, we encourage you to speak to your strengths in your personal area of business. While we do not allow submissions that are blatant advertisements for a business (for advertising information, please contact us at, we do allow each contributor to submit a small biographical blurb at the end of each piece submitted which can include contact information and personal/business website information for each author.

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